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Located in Alyth, in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland we have repaired and restored cars from all over Britain. Our expertise and experience allows us to offer complete restoration works and any precise body repairs to an exceptional standard.

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At Gordon Needs Bodyshop we can offer a range of bodywork from small repairs to full restoration - aluminium bodies, ash frame cars, monocoque, panel fabrication, panel beating, painting, and welding. We treat all of your cars like they're our own so you know they are in the best hands possible


Here at Gordon Needs Bodyshop, Alyth we pride ourselves on only delivering the very best results. Here are a few examples of full restoration projects we have undertaken. However these are more than just projects to us, each car has its own personality and are all to be respected in different ways.


Gordon Needs Bodyshop, Alyth

Welcome to Gordon Needs Bodyshop, a place of professionalism, perseverance and passion. We are car restoration specialists; restoring classic, historical and collectible vehicles. At Gordon Needs Bodyshop we are devoted to preserving historic cars sheer excellence and outstanding originality.

Every classic car has its own personality and history. As skilled craftsmen we believe that restoring and maintaining a classic car to the uppermost standards are essential; to keep the history, passion and devotion of these unique and spectacular cars alive in today’s society.

If you have a classic car that's maybe lost its gleam and needs a little "TLC" then Gordon Needs Bodyshop, Alyth, car restoration specialists have all of your needs covered. Call us on

01828 633 666

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